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Past Seminar Videos

In an effort to provide access to our seminar presentations throughout New Zealand we have begun to capture these electronically. These can now be accessed via our YouTube Channel.



Text-message Wellbeing Interventions presented by Emily Arps 4 August 2015

The Faith Dimension: The connection between spirituality, religiosity, wellbeing (results from the iFaith Study) 15 September 2015

Who You Know and How You Are Known - Children's Perspectives of Neighbourhood (Research Seminar 27 October 2015)

The Collaborative Trust NZ: Psychosocial Wellbeing. Communities, Families, and Youth (Research Seminar 8 December 2016)

Empower Yourself: positive sexuality, consent, the fear of disclosing and the issue of sexual violence. (Research Seminar 29 March 2016)

Mindfulness in the 21st Century presented by Abbie Dale Bates (Research Seminar 21 June 2016)

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