Welcome to the Collaborative Trust

We are committed to assisting the healthy development of young people, through:

  • training the adults who work with young people;

  • undertaking and disseminating research and evaluation so that training and services can be based on evidence;

  • informing and influencing policy and practice.

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  What's On

The Collaborative Seminar Series: Held every 6 weeks at the Hagley Community College (4.30-5.30pm), The Collaborative delivers seminars on local research with and about young people. Find out more here.


Tailored Education & Training: The Collaborative designs and delivers interactive workshops, supported by Youth Tutors, for those people involved with young people between 12 and 25 years. Check out what we can do here!


Research and Evaluation:

Read all about Research and Evaluation at The Collaborative here!

Navigate our Seminar & Training Resources: The new search function will search for key words 'within' any of the documents! And don't forget to order the Youth Health Resource Manual.